Friday, June 30, 2017

2 Years!!

Well, and just like that, in the blink of an eye, I'm 2!!  I mean, can you believe it?  Mommy can't!  We've done a whopping 64 of these pictures now and this is the final one.  Yesterday was my second birthday and while we didn't do a big shindig like we normally do, I'm going to end up having about 27 smaller birthday parties, which is fine by me!!  Let's spread all the cake and ice cream out over the entire week!

At two years old, I have a personality all my own and so many little words coming out of my little brain each day.  Having all those older kids around at daycare has sure given me a whole new vocabulary that cracks everyone up.  Mommy says I'm the sweetest, funniest little girl with a toothy smile and a hug for anyone just about anytime they ask.  I love my "racoooon" from Auntie and I take her (or the other version of her) along with me everywhere.  See, you can even see her here in this picture, albeit, with her dress over her face.  I still eat all. the. things and love snacks more than life itself.  And water...water is by far the most requested item in this house these days.  Now, "Waerrrr....with ice" (eye roll).  Most of my sentences start with "A" "a waerrr?" "a Abby at?", "A cookie"...."A sucker?"  You get the drift.  I know lots of songs, or really just melodies, I get the words mixed up but I know how they are supposed to sound.  I'm trying to count, though I get the numbers wrong and I'm trying to learn colors too.  I say most things are Pink or Blue but someone always corrects me and then I repeat the right color.

I love dolls and animals more than my sister ever did and I love reading books.  Abby uses it as a delay tactic, but I really do love reading them.  I'll pull one from the shelf and bring it to anyone that will sit down with me and read it.  I'm much more adventurous and dangerous than Abby was, but I think that's because I have a big sister to follow around and learn from.  I'm a good sharer, most of the time and I'm starting to love coloring and stickers.

While this is the final post from me in this book, Mommy promises to share tons and tons of pictures of me over on our family blog.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

23 Months

My sister talks about her birthday NON-stop and it's getting me super excited to celebrate my own.  I am only ONE month away from being two years old!!!  I am one silly girl with a ton of personality.  I'm becoming a "repeater" just like my sister...I mean, it's hard to get people to listen to me...I'm kinda small, so I just repeat and repeat until someone acknowledges me.  I love to ask for water and snacks...and my paci.  Mommy says it's probably time to take them away, but I think she'll let me keep them for a little longer.

I'm a great sleeper and a great eater.  I love sweets and snacks a little too much sometimes, but I will eat just about anything you give Mommy can't complain too much.  I graduated into another new swim class (the one that Abby started in back in Jan) and I'm really good at doing my floats in the bathtub (which is GREAT for washing my hair...Mommy loves it!).  I can't wait for the pool to finally be warm enough to swim in...I want to show off all my new tricks.

Two things I hate lately are bugs and dirt.  My sister got me started on it...and now I scream really really loudly whenever I see bugs and dirt.  Mom loves it...just loves it.  I don't really get to pick what we watch on TV, Abby does that.  So, I mostly like whatever shows she likes.  Being a second kid is rough sometimes.  Here's to summer weather, popcicles, watermelon and my birthday being only one more month away!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

22 Months

Hi guys!!  Just checking in for my 22 month picture.  I was super excited to do my picture this month and Mommy got this one in just 10 shots!  You can't tell, but I've been feeling sort of yucky for the past few days.  A fever here and there and I've had a runny nose and cough for pretty much the last 6 months.  I can't wait for warmer weather and sunshine to kick this cold out of my system.  We've had a few teaser days of warm...but the last week has been nothing but cold and rain and I'm ready to do summer things!  Mommy let me have a Popsicle the other day, but inside, in my high chair, not outside in the sun like it's supposed to be.

I've got four huge molars (two on top and two on bottom) but an missing my insizers so I've got this toothy little grin that makes me look a little like a red-neck.  I'm talking more and more each day and have lots of phrases.  And boy oh boy, I'm becoming a repeater, just like my sister.  You know, it's hard to get a word in edgewise around here with my chatty big sister so I've learned her technique and I just repeat and repeat until someone acknowledges me...and then sometimes I just keep right on repeating anyways.  Mommy loves it! (I think....).  Swim lessons are going great, I've moved up to Big Kid Swim which means I'm in the pool alone without Mommy and Daddy and they said I might be ready to graduate from that class soon too!  I'll be catching up to my big sissy soon!!  And, once summer finally hits, I think we'll be swimming in our pool a ton which will help too!  I can't wait to be a great swimmer like Daddy.

Monday, April 3, 2017

21 Months

Better late than never!  These past two weeks daycare has been closed, so I've been staying home with Mommy and Abby full time.  I think Mommy is ready for us to be back to daycare, but I've sure loved spending some one on one time with her.  A few days, Abby went to pre-school while I stayed home with Mom so we got to spend some morning playing just her and I.

I have all kinds of new words and many many phrases - I'm putting words together to get sentences "Open this?", "come on...", "I don't want it" (this last one is courtesy of my very picky sister and Mommy hates when we get on a roll saying it over and over again).  I am still the best eater of all - I love everything!  Honestly, pretty much anything you give me, I'll eat.  Mommy loves to get Abby on the same program.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

20 Months

My goodness, time is flying and it's almost starting to feel like spring around here.  I mean, it's only March so we can't get too excited yet, but every so often we get a warm day and Mommy says we'll be playing outside on summer nights soon enough.

What's new with me since we last chatted?  Well, I started swim lessons (so did my sister) and we're both loving it!  I don't even really mind being dunked.  Daddy is still in the pool with me but we're hoping that it won't be long until I'm doing the lessons solo with the teacher.  I continue to expand my vocabulary all the time.  Mommy was gone for work for about a week and when she came home I had so many new words.  I say "Peeze" for please and "ank yooo" for thank you.  I say Sorry when Mommy makes me and many many other things.  It's getting easier and easier for people to understand what I want but I'm really good at saying "Dat" and pointing when you can't understand me.  I'm still a great eater and will try just about anything you'll let me have.  I want to eat what everyone else is eating including the treats my sister gets for finishing her dinner.  Mom says that she'd have never let Abby eat treats this early, but I guess that's the benefit of being #2.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

19 Months

There are no babies in this house anymore.  I think maybe it's the pig tails or maybe it's the explosion of words...or maybe it's the little molar I got in my bottom row of teeth - I'm not sure what it is...but Mommy has been looking at me with sad eyes the past few weeks and commenting on how I'm not a baby anymore.  Now all she wants to do is snuggle me close or ball me up like a tiny baby again so I can fit in her lap...but I'm not having it!  I've got too much to do and way too much to learn these days.

It's getting easier and easier to communicate with everyone and I'm learning new words every day.  I'm obsessed with a little raccoon Auntie Erin actually bought for Abby when she was a baby and she got me my very own matching one for Christmas.  Her name is Gwendolyn but I call her "dollie" or more closely pronounced as "daa-ee".  She goes with me everywhere and I love her (both versions).  I love love love animals of all kinds.  I'm obsessed with my fish tank and I love the animal books best of all.  Mommy says that I'm much  more interested in reading than Abby ever was and I'm quick to grab any book in sight and back my little butt up into your lap if you'll let me.  I want you to read to me and I love to point at all the pictures.

I'm also great at taking these pictures now.  I've got the routine down.  As soon as Mommy spreads the fabric on the ground and gets me into this white outfit I know just want to do.  I toddle over and lay myself right down in the middle.  This time I even caught on to saying "cheee" whenever Mommy snapped a picture. (Adorable!)  This month's fabric came from Mommy and for no other reason than it's funny and fun to use a fabric that may not fit into most quilts Mom makes.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

18 months

Happy 2017!!  Just a few days late, but the holidays have kept us really busy and well, here we are!  Let's see - let me tell you about my new words!  I've got Momma and Dadda down pat. I say "NighNigh" when I'm ready to go to bed.  "Sheeeeee" means fishy and I do a cute "woof woof" for dog and sometimes a meow for kitty but they sound pretty similar.  I say "gah" for ball but "shoes" is very clear.  I've said "sissy" for Abby and "Chee" for cheese but those may have been flukes.  I also say "Hiiiiiii" in a really cute high pitched voice but my favorite word?  The word I use for EVERYTHING no matter what I mean, is "no".  I'm great at it.  And I love to yell at the dog saying "No, GO" whenever she gets close to me when I'm eating.

I just saw the doctor for my 18 month appointment and I weigh 22 lbs (in the 40th percentile somewhere).  I'm right on track for everything else and don't have to go back until my two year appointment.  Can you believe we've been doing this for a year and a half now?  I'm not really a baby anymore and I think that's just sort of settling in for Mommy.

One last little update - Mommy is starting my quilt soon.  She's got the pattern all picked out and the fabric for the sashing is on it's way.  I can't wait til I have my own special blanket just like my sister.